Ustaad Jee


Shri Tilak Raj Kundra, fondly known as “USTAAD JEE”, belonged to Amritsar, Punjab (India). He was a curious and quick learner, even as a child. He would often visit the local Blacksmiths in his neighborhood and watch them working with iron, making various kinds of tools. He was intrigued by the many ways iron could be heated and moulded into varied tools. From here began his learning of how to forge different kinds of tools and the best combination of metals to be used. This led him to understanding of various metals and alloys, he continued to experiment with various metallurgical processes to get the best results.

When he relocated to Delhi with his family, he set up a wholesale trade of tools in Hauz Qazi, Chawri Bazar (Old Delhi). Over time, his son Shri Munna kundra also joined his him and got his on-job training in making and trading of tools from Ustaad Jee. After an early and unexpected demise of Ustaad Jee in 1984, he continued the legacy with full commitment and devotion.

Along this journey, spanning over a period of 70 years, and passing on to the third generation, the guidance and tenets of Ustaad Jee still hold strong. His son Shri Munna Kundra has guided many leading companies and brands of hand tools India. Accomplishing intensive market research on requirements of the tools and upcoming trends, he advanced his knowledge of various processes required for producing the best metal composition for various tools, developing the right hardening process to improve their workability.

Hand tools

Present Day

With the first hand knowledge of Ustaad Jee now travelling down the third generation, and a comprehensive study of marketing trends and functionality of various tools, the Ustaad Jee range of tools have been launched.The wide variety of tools have been developed at Jalandhar(Punjab), Rajkot(Gujrat) and Naguar(Rajasthan) by collabarting with the best Iron-smiths. All the range of tools have been manufactured under strict guidance and supervision. 

Keeping Local to Global as our motto we are engaging in Make in India 

Current range

1. Hammers: A hammer how small it may sound but is required in most industries and is the basic need of every mason or carpenter. An exhaustive range of hammers required in Construction or Various Industry has been produced using latest and most durable processes.

2. Carpenter Tools: A comprehensive range of carpenter tools ranging from Jack planes, Smooth Planes, Block Planes to all kinds of carpenter chisels have been developed. The purpose is to assist and enhance the usability of carpentry tools for everyone. The tools have been developed keeping the prices economical but giving the best quality at those price point.

3. Mason and construction tools: As with experience of 7 decades a range with accuracy and to be used by all is being developed.


As Ustaad Jee always exerted in creating good tools to increase efficiency, so the entire range has been launched keeping with the motto- “TOOLS FOR ALL” maintaining their competitive prices and keeping in mind, their increased productivity and time efficiency.